This evaporator can accomodate four 96-well plates at once and is ideal for high throughput labs. This is our most advanced evaporator system to date and includes toughscreen interface, heating of the base plate and manifold gas, proportional gas control and vertical base movement.
·5.7" diagonal touchscreen.
·Fifteen recipes with ten steps each can be stored and named.
·Hinged manifold for easy loading of plates in nested base plate.
·Stepper motor raises plate to bring sample closer to needles.
·Steel construction of base and powder coated exterior.
·Anodized aluminum base heater and manifold section.
·Polypropylene inserts with Stainless Steel needles.
·Other Manifold inserts available for 24, 48, and 384 configurations.
·Built-in pressure regulator and pressure gauge.
Size: 16”W x 20”D x 17.5”H with manifold locked.

ZipVap4 Evaporator

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109A 13-24965
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Evap (4) 96 SBS plates htd man


# of Positions:
4 well plates