Prior approval and a Returned Materials Authorization number must be obtained from Glas-Col before any products may be returned. This number must be included on shipping labels and documents. A Health and Safety Assurance Sheet must precede all products for return. Products that have been contaminated with hazardous materials will not be accepted.


Current models of catalog items returned for credit are subject to Glas-Col’s inspection and a restocking charge of 20% of the original purchase price. These items must be returned in “new” condition within 60 days. Items superseded by current models cannot be returned for credit. Slow moving inventory acceptance will be at the discretion of Glas-Col. Special custom-designed items or catalog items modified for special voltage, wattage, dimensions, etc., will not be accepted for credit. When restock is necessary due to a Glas-Col error in fulfilling an order, full credit will be given immediately upon receipt and inspection of the merchandise in question.