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Temperature Controls

Glas-Col offers a wide variety of temperature control options. Review the below types to determine the best control for your process. If you have questions, please call and talk to one of our experts.
Manual Controls:
regulate the input voltage of resistive devices by turning the dial knob. Just plug your resistive load into the receptacle, turn on the switch and adjust the dial. The higher the number on the dial, the hotter your load will get.

Basic Controls:
turn the output on and off around your established temperature. With thermocouple input you can now dial in your desired setting and the control will regulate the temperature. This type of control is ideal for many applications but should not be used for critical temperature processes.

Precision Controls:
use a sensor feedback, displays both the setpoint and process temperature and gives the best temperature stability. These controllers can also perform ramp rate operations to allow the user to slowly raise the process temperature. There are several input types available.

Limit Controls:
are additional safety devices and should be used in conjunction with precision controls when an overshoot condition can cause serious safety issues. These controls require a manual reset after a trip condition.