Series Premier

Premier Mantles

The Premier mantle comes with a built-in proportional power control for precise control of your operations, and is equipped to accept external controls as well, making the Premier mantle a versatile addition to any laboratory.
Designed with safety in mind, the Premier mantle has a spill-capture system that no other heating mantle can equal. This system includes:
     -a removable and replaceable aluminum liner.
     -a catch pan (in accordance with NFPA standard #45).
These two features help capture spills so they can be easilty and safely contained and removed. This virtually eliminates the danger of damage to the heating elements and mantle control and protects your personnel from hot or caustic solutions. If the heating element must be replaced, it is easy and quick to do in the field.
For added safety, the Premier mantle is encased in a UL fire-rated plastice enclosure which:
     - is chemical resistant.
     -remains cool to the touch during operation.
     -is self supporting on non-skid feet.

Nearly linear from 5 to 100% of rated voltage

Electrical: Separable 4 foot 3-wire cord and locking connector. Power on indicator with output level lights.

WARNING: chemical spillage, overheating, overloading, and general misuse will greatly reduce service life!