Get to Know The Most Common CBD Oil Extraction Methods

Our latest article is a short overview of the most common CBD oil extraction methods by our guest writer Quinton Van Gundy from Colorado Extraction. Colorado Extraction Systems believes that the most effective extraction systems should be simple and easy-to-use. They work with the best people to deliver exceptional customer service, high-performance operations, and consistent output, using only the highest quality components. Smart design and superior customer relationships result in unparalleled satisfaction every time.


If you like to use CBD oil, you could be curious about how CBD is extracted from cannabis. Below is more information about these methods and concentrate extraction services.


Liquid Solvent Extraction


This type of extraction uses liquid solvents, such as alcohol, to extract the CBD and other desired properties from the hemp. Alcohol is very efficient for dissolving cannabinoids. Some of the most common solvents in this CBD extraction process are isopropyl alcohol and grain alcohol.


One of the benefits of this extraction method is that it is fairly inexpensive and does not require expensive equipment. You can probably find what you need at home to do this. Solvent extraction can be done with a hot plate or rice cooker, but more efficient procedures use equipment with distillers.


Food Safe Oil Extraction


This extraction method involves taking out terpenes and CBD using plant oils for solvents. Hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are good for extracting CBD. This extraction method is often used by amateurs because it is natural and gentle. You don’t have to worry about dangerous residues being left over.

But you should know that food-safe oil extraction is not as effective and aggressive so it takes longer to finish the process. Also, your end result does not have the highest level of concentration. Plant oil extractions are similar to tinctures. Another disadvantage is that the oil will degrade faster over time and needs to be stored properly.

CO2 Extraction

This extraction method uses supercritical carbon dioxide to take out the needed molecules from cannabis. CO2 usually is a gas or solid but it can be made into a liquid when it is exposed to the right temperature and pressure. CO2 is very efficient and effective at extracting CBD. The substance can go through any plant material because it features gas-like properties.


Of course, such efficiency comes at a high price. This is the most expensive CBD extraction method. It is a great choice for the large CBD producer, but the average consumer won’t invest in this type of equipment.


As far as which process is best, it depends on what your intentions and budget are. If you want to start a serious CBD operation, you need to buy CO2 extraction equipment. But if you want to do CBD extraction at home on a limited basis, the other two options are best.