Frequently Asked Questions

We take thousands of phones calls every year from people asking questions regarding the operation of our equipment. The most frequently asked questions are presented here with the answers. If you have a particular question send it to the engineering department for a direct answer and maybe it will show up here.

Are your LAB GUARD safety shields bulletproof?

NO! This is a question that has come up far too often. These shields were designed to offer a margin of protection in the laboratory from imploding and exploding glass vessels as well as splash protection. We have never tested them for ballistic impact nor do we ever intend to.

Can I heat a reaction inside your Glove Bag?

We do not recommend that you heat anything inside the GLOVE BAG™. These chambers are manufactured with Polyethylene film and the melting temperature is very low (see the Specifications page). Even raising the temperature inside will weaken the material itself as well as the seams.

Can my Over-Temp Probe control the temperature of my reaction?

The Over-Temp Probe line of monitors was designed to act as a high temperature cut-off. These instruments will monitor a temperature and disconnect power to the heating device if the set point temperature has been detected. Unlike a controller they will remain in an inactive state until the user manually resets the instrument.

Can you make a Glove Bag™ to my specifications?

It is difficult to modify the basic design of the GLOVE BAG™. We can do small modifications to suite your needs but these are handled on a case by case basis.

Do you charge sales tax?

We will charge the tax that is required by your state and local municipality. If you are tax exempt, we must have a valid tax exemption on file. Please fax your certificate to 812-234-6975 or e-mail it to

Do you provide NAFTA certificates?

NAFTA certificates are provided for orders that have a final destination outside of the United States.

Do you ship products Internationally?

Yes, we do export products but strictly direct shipments. We do not allow drop shipments Internationally. We utilize the best way possible.

Does Glas-Col sell custom products?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves in helping customers find solutions that can be easily adapted to their specific application. We can modify existing products or analyze your requirements to develop a custom product for your application.

How do I return something?

If you ordered through one of our distribution partners you will need to contact them for their return guidelines. Prior approval and a Returned Materials Authorization number must be obtained from Glas-Col before any product may be returned. This number must be included on all shipping labels and documents. Current models of catalog items being returned for credit are subject to Glas-Col's inspection and a restocking fee of at least 20% of the original purchase price. These items must be returned in "new" condition within 60 days. Items superseded by current models cannot be returned for credit. Slow moving inventory acceptance will be at the discretion of Glas-Col. Special custom designed items or catalog items modified for special voltage, wattage, dimension, etc., will not be accepted for credit. When restock is necessary due to a Glas-Col error in fulfilling an order, full credit will be given immediately upon receipt and inspection of the merchandise in question. A Health and Safety Assurance Sheet must precede all products for return. Products that have been contaminated with hazardous materials will not be accepted.

I order the same items frequently, can I get them shipped automatically on a regular basis.

Yes. You can place a blanket order for up to a year with us specifying the amounts and dates you want shipped.

Is there an instrument that will monitor the cooling water through my condenser and shut off power?

Yes. Our Water Flow Monitor™ has been designed to perform that task. These units monitor the water flowing in your system and a set point can be adjusted to give a precise trip point for the power outlets. Power can be disconnected to heating devices and normally closed solenoid valves.

Is your Glove-Bag air tight?

The glove bag was never really designed to be air tight. It was designed to be inflated and contain messy situations. Although many glove bags will hold air for a period of time we cannot make the claim that it is air tight.

What's in a Lead Donut?

You would not think this question to funny if you saw how many people pick up a lead donut and ask "What's in it? Is it magnetic?" Lead is in a Lead Donut. the outside covering keeps the lead contained so there are no problems with lead contamination

Why can't I bend my thermocouple to fit my reaction vessel?

Our thermocouples are constructed inside a stainless steel sheath to protect it from the environment it is submersed in. Bending the thermocouple causes the thermocouple wire to stretch and break inside this sheath rendering the sensor useless.

Why don't you have Over Temperature Protection built into your Temperature controllers?

OK. This one is simple. What would happen if the primary controller not only controlled temperature but over temperature and it failed? You would have no over temperature protection. That is the only reason we design redundant systems is to decrease the probability of a dual failure in the control function. Think about it. How many people would fly a commercial airplane if it had one engine?