Dr. Morey Biography

Dr. Morey
Born, Alma, Michigan, April 21, 1902
Died, Terre Haute, Indiana, December 21,1969

Wife, Ruth Kemp Morey
Son, John Gardner Morey

University of Chicago

B.S. Chemistry, 1929
M.S., 1930
Ph.D., 1932

Instructor in chemistry,
Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1930.

Instructor in chemistry,
University of Chicago, 1930-1932.

Headed chemistry exhibit development,
Century of Progress.Exposition in Chicago, 1932-1936.

Research chemist,
Phillips Petroleum Co., 1933-1936.

Research chemist,
Commercial Solvents Corp., 1936-1945.

President, Glas-Col Apparatus Co., 1945-1969.

Listed in Chemical Who's Who, 3rd Edition, 1951.

Listed in American Men of Science, 1944.

Honorary Doctor of Science,
Northern Michigan College, 1961.

Member, American Chemical Society.

Member, Sigma Xi.

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Fellow, American Institute of Chemists, 1969