Air Purification Products from Glas-Col

In most research and laboratory environments, the ability to control atmospheric variables and monitor the effects of any airborne substances is a non-negotiable necessity.

Effectively extracting gases, vapors, dirt, and dust from labs is extremely important as these contaminants can pose a potential threat to the conservation of reliable procedural conditions, as well as the health of the staff working in the compact research spaces.

Glas-Col’s intuitive range of air purification products gives scientists and specialists the means to trap and remove many of the unwanted gases that build up as a byproduct of testing and experimentation.

Glas-Col’s Air Purification Technology

Our team of experts at Glas-Col have come up with an impressively innovative selection of air purification solutions depending on the needs of the customer and the scale of the extraction required.

Our Airfiltronix Corporation which is a major division of Glas-Col® is proud of its air purification system which has been proven to trap large quantities of airborne matter.

Ductless Fume Hoods

Requiring no connection to outside air supplies and highly mobile due to their portable nature, our fume hood models are completely adaptable. Our ductless fume hoods are the versatile solution to the catching and containment of any polluting airborne element.


Our fume hoods and fume/particle extraction devices are designed to accept a series of filters including aluminum or Dacron prefilters, HEPA particulate filters, activated carbon or specially treated carbon for organics, ammonia, acid gases, formaldehyde, radioactive iodine and mercury. Our wide choice of Filters means that, through careful consultation with our team, our valued customers can identify the ideal filter for their needs.


Glas-Col’s collection of cutting-edge blowers all boast high-powered backward impellers to ensure that extracted elements don’t escape and seep back into the area from which they originated.

Applications Most in need of Air Purification

Waiting Areas

The co-existence of contaminated air and customers in an enclosed space carries obvious risks. Our fantastic filtration systems with their advanced air purification properties rid shops and medical waiting rooms of the natural dust, contaminants and bacteria that their inhabitants bring in. This helps you maintain a consistently clean air environment.

Science Labs

Many medium and smaller-scale scientific operations don’t have the budget or the resources to install facility-wide filtration fittings. Our air purification products offer an affordable but extremely efficient method of gas, particle, and vapor extraction, reducing the related dangers of repeated experimentation in an atmosphere populated by off-gases and remnants of previous research processes.

Whether you’d be satisfied with one of our standard range air purification products or are in search of something specially customized to your needs, contact one of our team members today and find out how we could help you.