Laboratory Equipment from Glas-Col

Monday April 23 2018

The performance of precise, repeatable measurements with consistent results is a cornerstone of the scientific method across every academic or industrial sector. Whether experiments require heating elements or evaporators, laboratory equipment must be of the highest standard to ascertain accurate results in various research, commercial, and industrial environments.

Glas-Col is a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of laboratory equipment, with a commitment to providing clients with technology and apparatuses which exceed their expectations. This article will explore some of the laboratory equipment that we are proud to provide to customers across the world:


Laboratory Equipment for Heating Processes

The heating of organic or inorganic samples is among the most common laboratory procedures, with various methods requiring direct or indirect sources of heat to elicit required reactions, or to maintain steady temperatures. Glas-Col offers an established range of laboratory equipment for various heating purposes, including:

  • Heating mantles: which can be made to bespoke dimensions with aluminum or fabric housings providing thermal resistances for vessels with internal temperatures up to 400°C;
  • Heating cords; with 400°C and a 600°C variants suitable for wrapping and heating smaller vessels, from ½” diameter test tubes upwards;
  • Heating lamps; used for the remote heating and drying of samples for up to 60°C;
  • Block heater; utilizes well plates for the automated heating of bottles varying in size, with a maximum operating temperature of 125°C.

Our heaters can be tailored to set specifications for varying applications, with heating tapes and hotplates also available to customized requirements.


Laboratory Equipment for Mixing Processes

Agitating substances through mixing processes is carried out by a variety of specifically-tuned mechanisms which use varying physical methodologies. Glas-Col offer a robust range of laboratory equipment for numerous different mixing experiments, including:

  • Rotators: utilizing end-over-end mixing actions, our rotators are designed for rapid agitation of dry and liquid samples;
  • Motored Homogenizers: featuring enclosed motors for smooth rotation processes and reversible pestle action for improved consistency;
  • Modular Mixer: for application-specific purposes with a comprehensive platform integration and high-torque stepping motors for precise control of motorized actions.

Glas-Col also carry vortexers and overhead stirrers with exceptional specificity to distinct sector requirements.


Laboratory Equipment for Evaporation Processes

Evaporators are commonly used for vaporizing liquid substances or dehydrating solids for commercial purposes. They are an integral part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry whereby medicinal products must be treated of excess moisture prior to packaging. Glas-Col carries a high-quality range of evaporators for various analytical purposes, including:

  • Non-heated evaporators: for the concentration of chemical or biological solutions for analysis, using nitrogen blow-down systems;
  • Heated evaporators: with a temperature point of up to 100°C for the liquid removal from a sample.

Our evaporators are also available with integrated analytical systems to streamline systematic processes and reduce the footprints of integral laboratory equipment.


Laboratory Equipment for Inhalation Exposure Analysis

At Glas-Col, we have designed laboratory equipment capable of performing in-depth simulations of the inhalation of contaminants for the analysis of lung infections. These systems allow for the concentration of airborne pathogens and the replication of real-world conditions to accurately assess biological exposure to pathogenic microorganisms.


Laboratory Equipment from Glas-Col

Glas-Col has an established history in the innovation and production of laboratory instrumentation for a broad range of scientific applications.

If you would like any more information about our laboratory equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.