Heating Mantles


Glas-Col invented the Electric Heating Mantle in 1939 and has continued to be the industry leader for Laboratory and Industrial heating ever since. Our products are known for exceptional performance, reliability and durability.

  • common sizes available
  • fabric interiors conform and protect glassware
  • available in both aluminum and fabric construction to adapt to your individualized need
  • contact factory for custom sizes

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  • Round Bottom Flask

    High Temperature Heating Mantles for Round Bottom Flasks
  • Beaker, Resin, and Other

    High Temperature Heating Mantles for Resins and Beakers
  • Combo Mantles

    Mantles for repetitive extracting, refluxing and distilling procedures in labs of food, textile fiber, water and waste-water, petroleum, and many other industries. Our newest combo version offers additional safety and convenience in a multi-position heating mantle.
  • Stirring Mantles

    The stirmantle adds electromagnetic stirring to our durable aluminum heating mantle made for spherical flasks. The heating and stirring are independent, choose either or both.