Heating Solutions

Laboratory heating systems are subject to numerous safety standards and protocols because they are so readily available and potentially hazardous. Great concerns are taken to ensure that heating systems are manufactured to exacting standards and from the most thermally-efficient materials. Yet there are still individual considerations for heating systems comprised of different components, including: heating elements; thermal insulation and temperature controllers.

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  • Heating Mantles

    A heating mantle, or isomantle, is a piece of laboratory equipment used to apply heat to containers, as an alternative to other forms of heated bath.
  • Heating and Insulating Tops

    These Tops Are Offered With Or Without Heating Capabilities. They Prevent Vapor Condensation In the Upper Half Of a Flask During Distillation Of High Boiling Materials.
  • Heating Tapes

    Used to heat surfaces requiring fast and efficient direct contact heating; heat tape solution for pipes and to prevent pipe freezing.
  • Heating Mantle Accessories

    Cords for O Series, TM Series and STM Series Mantles
  • HOTSPOT Heat Lamp

    Heat Lamp with table clamp and variable voltage control 250W, 120V