Dig auto temp ctrl dual recept 900W per, Univ input 120V, 15A

1800 (2 @ 900 watts)
These temperature control displays both the setpoint and process temperature and uses the most modern control technology for the best temperature stability.  The Auto-tune feature minimizes setpoint overshoot and learns your process. Changing your setpoint is easily done with the interface keys. The controller can also perform ramp rate operations to allow the user to slowly raise the process temperature. There are several input types available. This unit comes with a 6’ detachable power cord, grid support bracket, which is ideal for fume hood mounting to maximize bench space. This control is a microprocessor-based, digital indicating, automatic temperature control with a single input and a single output. It features an auto-tuning function that allows automatic setting of control parameters with a minimum of user input required. Universal input accepts "J", “K”, or “T” thermocouples.

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Item Number: 104A PL612-2

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