Stirring system, 1/40 hp dual shaft 333/4000rpm, 120V

Case Dimensions
8" w x 6"d x 3.38"h
333/4,000 rpm
keyless chuck, propeller, paddle, lab clamp
The GT31 is a dual shaft stirring system that has been a favorite with chemists and lab technicians for years. The high speed end is good for light mixing, while the geared end is suited for higher torque applications. The stirrer is supplied with a filtered DC power supply for continuous duty, keyless chuck, propeller and paddle agitators and a lab clamp.

  • 333/400
  • Torque lb. -in: 3.6/0.26
  • Variable speed
  • Forward/reverse switch
  • Propeller: 1/5" dia. x 8.75" long
  • Paddle: 2.5" dia. x 8.75" long
  • 120V input
Item Number: 099D GT31

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