Pulse Platform Mixer

Shaking Action
orbital vertical or horizontal
tube racks

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Glas-Col's new orbital Pulse Platform Mixer (PPM) is capable of performing high or low speed pulse mixing with vortexing action for thorough and efficient mixing in various applications. This versatile unit can accommodate a wide variety of labware, including glassware, racks, well plates, or reactor blocks, ensuring accurate and repeatable results.

The PPM's vortexing capability makes it an ideal choice for tasks such as resuspending pellets, mixing reagents, or homogenizing samples. This combined with its pulsing action allows for the efficient mixing of even challenging samples, leading to improved reproducibility and accuracy in your experiments.

Our pulse mixers with vortexing action have been successfully used in diverse settings, including blood banks, clinical labs, water testing facilities (EPA methods), and numerous research labs. In the QuEChERS procedure, our systems are well adapted for various vials associated with this method and can mix multiple samples simultaneously for high throughput testing.



  • Touchscreen user interface: control of speed, direction, time and pulse function.
  • Alarm monitoring of speed and load.
  • Chemical resistance soft pads: top and bottom for securing load.
  • Create up to 10 recipes.


Size 16”w x 18”d x 17” H

Platform size 11-5/8” x 14-1/4”

Mixer mounts Vibration absorbing

On/Off switch Located on front of unit

Finish Silver and black powder coat

Cord 3-wire 6’ long

Load Up to 10 lbs.

Item Number: 099A PPM12

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