Large Capacity Mixer 100-2000rpm, 120V

Shaking Action
orbital vertical or horizontal
tube racks

Glas-Col’s Large Capacity Mixer is an ideal choice for labs requiring versatility. Whether you require gentle, orbital-type shaking or more vigorous vortexing of samples, this mixer fulfills those needs effectively. It accommodates a wide variety of vessels that can be quickly interchanged. Additionally, custom cartridges designed for specific applications are available, constructed from chemical-resistant foam and ABS plastic.


  • At the low end of the 100-2,000 rpm speed range, the sample is mixed with a gentle, orbital motion. The high end of the range will mix the sample with a vigorous vortexing action.
  • The pulsing feature can be used to interrupt the mixing process, to join upper and lower strata, for more thorough mixing.
  • DC motor, with filtered control, allows the Large Capacity Mixer to run smoothly and quietly, and prolongs the operating life of the unit.
Item Number: 099A LC1012

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