Custom Mixing Systems from Glas-Col

Thursday August 16 2018

Numerous industrial and academic applications require samples to be mixed to achieve consistencies of pre-defined homogeneities, to prevent particle agglomeration in heterogeneous solutions, or to encourage phase transitions and the formulation of chemical compounds. There are countless requirements for mixing systems in laboratory and manufacturing environments. Ergo, there are countless mixing methodologies for engineers to choose from.

Conventional and emerging mixing systems include rotators, vortexers, homogenizers, and shakers. Rotators employ centrifugal end-over-end mixing to agitate solutions and encourage chemical reactions, or to prevent sedimentation in heterogenous mixtures. Homogenizers meanwhile use an invasive drive-shaft to reduce analyte material to a homogenous consistency. These mixing systems can be used for a broad range of application requirements, but demanding mixing environments often require bespoke solutions.



This blog post will explore Glas-Col’s expertise in designing custom mixing systems and outline some of the existing products we have engineered:

Custom End-Over-End Mixing System

Based on conventional end-over-end rotational mixing, our custom rotator provides consistent rotation of 250ml sample bottles or 50ml centrifugal racks in a robust housing. Up to 24 centrifuge racks can be agitated in a single cycle, which can be programmed to variable speeds of up to 28 rpm.

This unique mixing system has been used in conjunction with sample heating mantles for extracting, refluxing, and distilling procedures for industries as varied as the food and beverage sector, water and wastewater, and petroleum analysis.

Laboratory/Industrial Roller

Suitable for both laboratory and industrial use, the Glas-Col roller incorporates a heavy-duty brushless motor designed to continuously roll multiple containers of varying dimensions for extended periods of operation. This mixing system can be loaded with two 5-gallon containers, six 1-gallon containers, 8-quart industrial cans, and bottles of over 4” diameters. A simple user interface enables simple adjustment of cycle profiles to precisely control speed and processing times. The rotational speeds can be tuned in increments of 5 rpm up to a maximum of 58 rpm.

This mixing system is used for batch mixing of liquid media at volumetric capacities of up to 37.85l.

DPM Reactor Mixing System

The custom digital pulse mixer (DPM) reactor block comprises four side-by-side reactor plates capable of independently heating sample containers at temperatures of up to 170°C (338°F). Analytes are then mixed at speeds of up to 800 rpm with variable pulse rates and duty cycles.

This mixing system is uniquely suited for lower-speed digital pulse mixing of organic and inorganic samples.

Custom Mixing Systems from Glas-Col

At Glas-Col, we are committed to meeting the advanced technological demands of industrial and scientific environments with innovative solutions. We provide a broad range of established mixing systems and are uniquely capable of designing, building, and supplying custom mixers for any facility.

If you would like any more information about our custom mixing systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.