Glas-Col is a leading supplier of laboratory equipment designed to make scientific processes easier, safer and more precise than ever before. We are committed to excellence in the field of scientific instrumentation and are ever innovating to improve laboratory experiences worldwide.

Our temperature controllers are available for small, medium and large laboratory enterprises, with additional safety equipment such as over temperature limiting controls for larger and more demanding applications.

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  • Basic

    Basic temperature controls introduce a level of automation to the temperature control process without exorbitantly increasing the cost of devices. These instruments are equipped with thermocouple inputs to enable automatic temperature regulation to pre-determined parameters. The immediate advantage of these controllers is the accurate acquisition of thermal data as opposed to a calculated measurement based on input voltage.
  • Advanced

    Precision temperature controls offer ultimate control accuracy due to user-friendly digital displays and sensitive thermal sensors capable of monitoring temperatures to within +/-1.0°C. These feature auto-displays of temperature setpoints and processes to enable automated temperature control with exceptional degrees of precision.