Air Purification


Since 1979, Airfiltronix Corporation a division of Glas-Col® has been manufacturing quality ductless filtering systems and enclosures for industry, medicine and research. Our corporate goal has been to provide our customers with clean air solutions (air purification) to their pollution problems, whether they be from vapors or particulates. Our hoods were originally developed for cytology labs using xylene and formalin. Since then, Airfilltronix products have evolved into many areas. We have found that almost any work situation which involves the use of chemicals, powders, or sprays can be made safer through the use of effective capture and filtration systems. Similarly, any environment in which people and contaminated air co-exist, such as doctors' waiting rooms, smoking rooms or hospital rooms can be made safer by removing dust, pollen, bacteria or smoke from the air.

  • Chemical Resistant Fume Hoods

    Three new models of chemical resistance hoods are available.
  • Ductless Fume Hoods

    Get a laboratory fume hood, ductless fume hood or exhaust hood at Glas-Col for research labs, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and hazardous powder handling
  • Fume Extraction

    These fume extractors are portable and can improve safety and hygiene in light industrial settings.
  • How it Works

  • Clean Air Hoods

    Clean air hoods which reduces the particle count in existing cleanrooms through the use of carbon filters.
  • Filters

    We offer a wide variety of Pre-Filters for your Air Purification system.
  • Accessories

  • Glovebox