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099A 0616700244
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Spl Roller, 1/2,1,2,5 gal cans

The Glas-Col roller is designed for laboratory or industrial use. The heavy-duty construction accommodates up to two 5-gallon industrial containers, six 1-gallon cans, or 8-quart can/jars. In addition it can roll any size bottle 4-1/4” diameter and larger. The heart of the system is a heavy-duty DC brushless motor and state of the art brushless control technology. The front user interface allows the customer to control speed, time and choose up to 4 different container sizes for rpm reference. USB high-speed interface is available with Labnetix® software where you can create your own run recipe and record parameters.

Speed Display Resolution: 1.0 RPM, Speed Setting Increment: 5 RPM

    5 gallon:    20 rpm max
    2 gallon:    55 rpm max
    1 gallon:    38 rpm max
    Quart:       58 rpm max


1/2, 1, 2, or 5 gal cans